SMWL23 Emerge Stage

Do you have a message to share but have felt like there hasn’t been an opportunity to share it?

Have you wanted to speak on stage at an event but looking for your big break?
Would you like a video of your presentation recorded and shared with other like-minded individuals?

We’ve created the Emerge stage just for you!

The Emerge stage is your chance to share your unique genius.

What the Emerge stage is not – it’s not a place to pitch you were a product or service. It’s the place to share your idea or your story that leads to a lesson. It’s a place to share your best practice, zone of genius, tips, tactics, and advice to the world.

How it Works

About your hosts:

Amy Hartmann & Crystal Tosh Co-founded SoTrue Digital, a digital marketing agency that’s all about engaging like a human and harnessing the power of grassroots marketing. They know that good marketing isn’t just about pushing products or services – it’s about creating meaningful connections with your audience. That’s why the team of digital marketing ninjas at SoTrue Digital take a personal approach to marketing, working with clients to develop strategies that feel authentic and relatable; and crafting messages that make people say OMG that’s SO TRUE!

They are excited to help you create a meaningful connection with your audience by helping you to tell your story on the Emerge stage.

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Emerge Stage Frequently Asked Questions

5-10 minutes is recommended. 

Yes! And it will be published on the NOW Marketing Group YouTube channel and you will gain full access to the video for you to share as you wish. 

Nah- if you do have captions, you’d like us to add feel free to share them with us, but we just want to see you and hear your message.

Yep- only SMWL23 attendees are able to take a vantage of the Emerge stage.

Don’t worry!  We can do your talk interview style. We will ask you questions to help you tell your story and share your genius with the world.

Best Practices: Tips for your Emerge stage moment

Be Real - be YOU!

Everyone has a story to share and this is your chance to share it!

Come prepared but not scripted.

Share something you’re passionate about… Passion is contagious and your energy will shine through if you’re excited about what you’re sharing.

Share unique ideas but don’t overthink it.